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We'll post bail for you or your loved ones, quickly... that's our promise! We're experienced bail bond professionals who will walk you through the process of posting bail. Give us a few details, and we'll take care of the entire bail bond process.

For out of the area family or friends wishing to bail out a loved one, we have included some printable forms.

First, give us a call at (760) 433-2000 and we will determine which forms are right for your individual situation. A licensed, experienced, professional bail agent will guide you through filling out the necessary paper work.

After dating and signing the forms, simply FAX: 760-859-3711 the completed paper work back to us. Bail Bond premiums may be wired through Western Union at Or, Carlsbad Bail Bonds will accept credit cards by phone for your convenience.

Remember, call us first and we will walk you through the appropriate forms below:
Form #1: Defendant-Application-Agreement.pdf
Form #2: Indemnitor-Application.pdf

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